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Torana Exterior Parts

Torana parts include:

Intermediate pipes painted black as original. Made in a jig for perfect fit. Sold as a pair with either of the two engine pipes to suit your XU-1. $520 + transport.

LJ GTR and LJ  XU-1 muffler hanger kit, with Gold zinc tailpipe clamp. Most LJ  had this clamp in gold zinc like this, some had black.  $95.00

Door check strap springs. These will prevent the doors from hitting the pillars. $70pr plus post.

Door check strap pins. Flare the base to install. $30 pr + post.

Front spoiler-Made exactly as original, and  fits perfectly. Painted in original 04149 Black. $85.00

LC GTR muffler hanger kit. See other pic for how these fit.  $80 +post.

LC GTR muffler hanger assembly. The body brackets and exhaust clamp in this pic are for display. See other image.

Door handle pins. $48 set of 4 + post.

LJ 1973 onwards Sprintmaster nuts-Suits genuine 'GLOBE' Sprintmasters. This item is temporarily unavailable.
Wheel spacers-Set of 6 or buy singularly. Ecact same thickness as originals. 2.95mm. $80.00 per set.


Fender filler rubbers. Includes 2 rubbers and 10 clips for fitting. $40.00 pr.

LJ XU-1 vacuum T piece. Copied from original and finished raw as original. $38 + post.

New batch of LSD tags are now in stock. The darker red ones were used up until/including Feb of 1973 and previous and the orange ones are March 1973 and after. The end of the dark red LSD tags ended with the last 40X  Trim code 73' XU-1's, which ended just prior to the last week of Feb 1973. This week was the overlapping period, where an XU-1 could've had either. It is known that the change occurred in these months, from a number of very original XU-1's that still survive today with the original LSD tags. These LSD tags have been copied from originals, with correct font etc. $32ea + post.

These new LJ GTR mufflers are now in stock. Very similar to the XU-1 muffler, but the chrome tail pipes are turned down at the ends. $220 + post.

NASCO style LJ XU-1 Muffler. IN STOCK AGAIN.  Made to the correct original dimensions and finished in black as original.  $220 + post.

Full 72-73 LJ XU-1 Exhaust system, including LC Bathurst CK.  Pipe assy, intermediate pipe, muffler and hanger kit. $800 + transport. This sample intermediate pipe was unpainted but all compnents are painted black as original.

Boot spoilers- Fiberglass spoiler with mounting brackets as original. Only 2 in stock currently, 6/5/19. $395

XU-1 repro wheel trims. Not made anymore. I often get asked what originals look like. Pic for display.  

LJ Grille badge insert. Absolutely perfect fit and detail!! $90.00

LC GTR full exhaust system, with correct intergrated resonator in the intermediate pipe. Copied from NASCO originals. PRODUCTION HAS ENDED AND UNAVAILABLE.

Sprintmaster caps. Plain chrome. Spun brass and chome plated.
Made to fit genuine Globe Sprintmaster wheels exactly. Currently out of stock. Due Aug 2018. $120.00 set of 4.

'GLOBE' Sprintmaster caps-Spun brass and chrome plated. Hand painted insignia. 2018 batch was all pre sold. Another batch already underway. Names being taken for pre sale $295.00 set of 4. 

Stainess Door and rear 1/4 panel strips. Perfect fit! Fantastic product. Just peel off protective covering and clip on. Plastic clips supplied too. $250 + post.

LC GTR NASCO style, factory original muffler. Been out of stock since 2014. DUE TO MANY REQUESTS, A NEW BATCH OF THESE MUFFLERS IS UNDERWAY. ARRIVAL MARCH 2019.  New price to be advised.

XU1 Torana Parts - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide
Original flange sitting on a make shift exhaust stud jig. You can see this same jig in the next pic fitting on one of my LJ XU-1 engine pipes.
This shows the exhaust stud jig fitted into the new LJ XU-1 flange. This should finally prove the critisism false, that my flanges don't fit over the studs. They clearly fit with no problems at all.

Original LUCAS sealed beam headlights. 7" to suit Torana's and are 75/50. These have the clear spot for 'Headlight parking light'. If fitting to pre-73 Torana's, simply cover spot on the back of headlight with silver paint. $160 pr.

LC XU-1 NASCO style muffler. Clamp on Chrome tailpipe, exactly the same dimensions and black as the factory fitted original. $200 + post. The original silver one in pic is one bought from GM parts in 1980, dated 1979.

XU-1 Front control arm reinforcing plates. To be welded into position like the originals. $70 pr + post. 

XU-1 front control arm reinforcing plates. To be welded into position like the originals. $70pr + post.

These are steering rack boot clamps for the LC and LJ. Se of 4 includes 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small, finished in gold zinc as original. $45 + post.