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Torana Engine Bay Parts

Apart from full restorations, I also offer triple carby rebuilding/restoration and tuning service. Hourly rate plus parts.
The new radiators are finished. See pics in 'Restorations' page.

LJ XU-1 fuel line set- All 4 lines and brass fuel block is $340 a set plus insured courier.  Made exactly the same as original fuel lines with correct wide bend near thermostat housing and gold zinc flare nuts. Made from correct fuel grade steel line. Available without fuel block if not needed, $290.00. In stock.

LC XU-1 Fuel line and mounting bracket for 150cd's. $250 + transport. One left in stock. Early 1972 LJ XU-1 fuel line and hand made bracket also available by order, when I make a batch of LC ones. Includes mounting bracket. $270.00 + transport. 

New item. Bonnet catch cover (underneath) for optional cable operated bonnet catch. These are usually rusted out or damaged. Painted black ready to fit. $65 plus post. The bonnet cable cover is also now available. In stock 24/3/22

New item. Bonnet catch cable release cover. This item covers the bonnet cable where it fastens to the catch and is fastened by the bonnet catch grub screw. These were supplied with the optional bonnet catch assemblies. Painted black, or can supply as raw steel.  $42 plus post. In stock.

Choke block-Finished in either Blue zinc or Gold zinc as original. Just notify which colour you need. $90.00  Choke cables in stock too, made by original company with proper 'wire'. $50.00 set of 3 cables. In stock. Another company uses 'bicycle cable', so beware what you buy!!

Choke blocks $90 and cables $50 set, available seperately or together $140. Both gold zinc (Brisbane build) or Blue zinc (Adelaide build) in stock. In stock. 

Choke support bracket for the 150 and 175cd strombergs, XU-1 specific. Included is NOS choke clips. Set of 3 brackets and NOS choke clips. $97.00. In stock. 

Accelerator spring for early 1972 LJ XU-1. Copied off original. These were used from January till about March/April 1972 when discontinued as the accelerator was to stiff. That's how the early 72 cars were though. This spring is also most likely the same spring for the LC XU-1 with triple 150cd's. $45ea + post. In stock 

New Item. 73 Bathurst starter motor wiring section. Previously was an 'order only' item. Has the fusible link, correct connectors and heat proof sheath. Exact replacement for damaged or melted originals. $150 plus post. 3 in stock.

Vacuum advance pipe that goes to the front carby. Been making these to order for years, copied from original and test fitted on engine. $90 plus post. In stock

Linkages kits for the LC and LJ XU-1. Complete linkage assembly from fire wall to carbs. Kit includes torsion rod, bronze bush for firewall support, balance bar, adjusters, split pins, fastening clips and mounting brackets for LC or LJ.  Just notify which car to fit. LC or LJ, LJ 72 or 73, Adelaide or Brisbane build plant. Linkage parts are not available separately. Sold as a set only. $450 set plus post. Made to order at present. 

LJ XU-1 vacuum T piece. Copied from original and finished raw as original. $48 + post. In stock.

LJ XU-1 Rocker cover decal, in stock again. Copied exactly from NOS original and screen printed on high temp vinyl. Form cut too, so you don't have to get out the scissors!! These have been confirmed that this item was used in 72 and 73.  We now have used original samples (still on tappet covers) from a 72 and a 73 XU-1, and they are identical. These are only available through myself for $60.00. In stock.

LC-LJ GTR and XU-1 sway bar and clamps, hand made. Supplied in raw steel. These swaybars are now available again since 2020. Back to a 4-6 week order time frame. $680 plus courier cost.  

Swaybar clamp, side by side with original clamp. Set of 4 supplied with swaybar with washers and Nyloc's. Not available separately.


73 Bathurst extractors. Copies of the originals and fit with the original heat shield. 

LC-LJ XU-1 alternator pulley, finished in gold zinc or painted black as original. Bosch alternator painted black. Lucas alternator gold zinc. Originally made from 'cast' but after advice from my engineer, mine are made from steel. Cast is not a suitable material for a pulley like this item, and are known to come off!! *I HAVE MADE 20 FROM CAST IF YOU HAVE A CONCOURS CAR AND WANT 100% AUTHENTIC. ONLY IF YOU'RE RARELY GOING TO DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE. $135.00 plus post. In stock.

Tappet cover bolt and plate set. Original style, chrome plated. Set of 8. $80 plus post. Back in stock on 15/3/22. 

Heat shield for LC and LJ xu-1, finished in gold zinc as original. $120.00. In stock 16/8/21. 

LC GTR full exhaust system, with correct integrated resonator in the intermediate pipe. Copied from NASCO originals. My supplier is under new ownership. More Mufflers and exhaust systems are coming sometime from end May to end June 2022. Tooling has to be re-made.

These 2600S LC GTR Air cleaner decals have been copied from a genuine original item as seen in pics. No-one else has made these correctly, so mine have been made as a 2 piece item (as original) which made it easier to fit. $60+ post. In stock. 

The 2 seperate stickers can be seen in this pic of the original.

LC-LJ XU-1 Carby tags with correct numbers. I now have specific 1970 and 1971 LC carby tags. Also, all the different numbered LJ types for 1972 and 1973. Just notify the year and month XU-1, so I send tags with correct numbers to suit your build date car. Set of 3. $90.00. BEWARE OF OTHER MANUFACTURERS WITH INCORRECT NUMBERS. In stock. 

NASCO style LJ XU-1 Muffler. Same dimensions and construction of the factory fitted muffler. Finished in black as original.  $250 + post. In stock.

XU1 Torana Parts - Melbourne

LJ Air Cleaner Set. Exact copies and sizes of originals. Complete set for 3 carbs. Lids, Bases, Air Filters, Hex studs and wingnuts. $430 plus courier. In stock. LC version also available with correct LC filters, with the exposed paper filters. $430.00. In stock. Replacement filters also available separately. $70 set of 3 plus post. In stock 11/3/22 

LC XU-1 air cleaner assembly. Exact size as originals. New batch has just arrived. Set of 3 units, including bases, Chrome lids, Air filters, mounting bridges and wingnuts. $430.00. Back in stock 15/3/22. Replacement filters also available separately. $70 set of 3 plus post. In stock

LC GTR linkage set. Includes the left and right rod clips. $265 + post. Pieces not available separately.  Firewall pivot bracket not included in kit, but available separately. Out of Stock. More coming end May. 

Reproduction 14FPI XU-1 radiators. Made from scratch. The frame, tanks, and fan guard, drain plug all hand made. Top tank is date coded for your build month of car. None were made in 2020 and 2021 due to covid lockdowns etc. Have 18 orders. Large batch should be completed later this year. 

These LJ XU-1 exhaust pipe kits are sold out. 24/3/22 My supplier is under new ownership. More coming mid 2022. LJ XU-1 mufflers still in stock. $250 plus courier. 

Heater hose bracket. Painted in original Black. Can supply unpainted if needed. $65.00. In stock.

LC GTR Accelerator pivot bracket. These get spot welded to the firewall. The bell-crank is not included. $65.00 + post. More coming 4th April. 

Engine bay and boot sticker set. Does not include rocker cover decal. $125.00. In stock.

Carby throttle arms for the 150cd's and 175cd's. Finished in blue zinc as original. Set of 3. $65.00 + post. In stock.

LC XU-1 air filters. Original style and exact dimensions as used by Holden with exposed paper filter. $70.00 per set of 3 filters. In stock

LJ XU-1 Air Filters - Original style and exact dimensions of Holden originals. LC version also available. Set of 3. $70.00. Now back in stock 11/3/22

73 Bathurst extractors. Made on the original jigs, by the person who made the jigs and prototype before production. Only 4 sets are produced each year. Fits with original heat shield and exhaust system as factory.16 sets on order. None made since end 2019, due to 2020 and 2021 Covid lockdowns. I'll call everyone who has ordered a set. Had confirmation 3/5/22 they're coming end May.