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It's been brought to my attention that some customers emails aren't getting to me due to browser issues. If you've emailed me over the last couple of months and haven't received a reply, either call me or try the following alternative emails: or 
Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks
The Z shaped throttle arms for both 150cd's and 175cd's are out of stock at present. A new batch has been ordered today that will be available in approx 2 weeks.
LJ Air cleaner assemblies have been out of stock since February. A new batch is arriving in 2-3 weeks.
The triple carby linkage sets have been out of stock since March. A new batch of carby likages is arriving in 1-2 weeeks.
I first had XU-1 exhaust stsyems and mufflers made about 10 years ago, by an OEM company. However, due to the closure of Holden, Ford and Toyota manufacturing plants here in Melbourne, my supplier is closing their passenger car department after approx 35-40 years of production.  My last order of XU-1 exhaust systems and XU-1 mufflers was placed end of last year and will be ariving soon. Over 20 systems are already presold, so if you need an LJ XU-1 exhaust system, place an order to avoid missing out. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY MORE!
Pics on the 'restorations' page.
Unrestored 1972 or 73 Bathurst Special wanted for total restoration. Must be genuine body and have all ID plates, original JP engine and original date code correct drive train. May consider non 'Bathurst special'.
PCV Vacuum T piece. $38 + post.
See 'engine bay parts'.
Steering rack boot clamps. $45 set + post.
See 'exterior parts'.
If you don't have your own seatbelts to have restored, I occasionally have enough hardware to make up sets of Brisbane build seatbelts to sell outright.  They can be made up to suit all LC-LJ's.
I've heard some incorrect information circulating about the flanges on my LC GTR and LJ XU-1 exhaust systems.  A number of people who do not have the indepth knowledge of manufacturing or exhaust systems are circulating a view that the pressed exhaust flanges that I use are incorrect and don't fit right. This is incorret, so I'm addressing the issue with the correct information to set it straight. The company who has made these systems have been in business for almost 50years and have a massive amount of experience and expertise. When I first decided to make these exhaust systems, the company showed me a number of flaws in the design/production of the original GM product and flanges in particular, which had only become evident, resulting in common damage over 40+  years. The flanges were made of a material too thin (2mm), and many flanges (including most of our original samples) had bent or distorted with heat and age. We chose to use 3mm to overcome this.  Another flaw in the original flanges was that the centre hole size, (48mm) allowed the flanges to sit between the base and the centre of the slope, under the gasket collar. The original samples all showed crushing and damage here, as this is a weak spot. One original GM GTR engine pipe that we had for a sample even had the whole collar sheared off in this spot. The strongest area of the gasket collar is the tip, where the pipe material is folded back on itself, just under where the gasket sits. I'll add pics below soon. To avoid the same damage and crushing in another 20 odd years etc, the manufacturer expanded the flange centre hole so that the flanges sit just under the tip of the collar.  Some people have critisised these flanges because they don't sit in the original spot. Their view is misguided and incorrect as they don't understand why this was done.  My exhaust pipes/flanges will not crush and distort like the originals in this area. It was only possible to make these changes and produce a better product for my customers, as we've had the last 40 years to see the resulting damage and to alter the flawed areas.  The last item to address is that a few people have also incorrectly said that our flanges have the stud holes too far apart and you can't fit them over the studs. The studs in the cast iron headers are 72mm apart, centre to centre.  Due to heat and age, many studs have bent, and are no longer straight. Our flanges are 73mm centre to centre (give or take 1mm manufacturing tolerance) and fit perfect. THERE IS SOME LEEWAY WITH THE HOLE DIAMETER IN THE FLANGES. IF THE ORIGINAL STUDS IN YOUR CAST IRON HEADERS ARE FITTED IN CROOKED, (OR IF YOU HAVE FITTED NEW STUDS INTO YOUR HEADERS) AND THE CENTRE-TO-CENTRE MEASUREMENT IS WIDER THAN 74MM OR NARROWER THAN 71MM BETWEEN CENTRES, THEY WILL FOUL ON THE FLANGE STUD HOLES. IF THIS IS THE PROBLEM, DON'T BLAME MY COMPONENT.  TAKE MEASUREMENTS AND RECTIFY IT. CHECK THE PICS IN 'EXTERIOR PARTS' FOR PROOF THAT OUR FLANGES DO FIT OVER THE STUDS.
Hope this info is of help. Thanks 
IMPORTANT PRODUCTION/DELIVERY INFO: All my parts are hand made and not in stock at all times. Please do not call at the last minute and complain if I don't have the parts you need.  Boot spoilers, Vent pipes, Fuel lines, Swaybars and Boot mats etc take time to make or have made by other suppliers. I understand people want the parts when they need them, but I will not rush production or listen to complaints if you have not planned your build time.  If you need parts for an up-coming event, please order them early. Thanks
 BEWARE OF OTHER BOOT SPOILERS BEING SOLD AS MINE. I've had 3 complaints in 2013 about 'very poor fitting bot spoilers'. My boot spoilers are not and never have been black. They are coming from a NSW company, not me. Mine are manufactured by myself from a genuine spoiler used for a mould. Each one is test fitted to a genuine boot lid during production. If you're unsure about the supply of a part, you can call me direct.
WANTED TO BUY BACK: I'm trying to locate my old LJ XU-1 that I sold in 1997. JP 217048. If you know where this vehicle is now, or if you own it, please contact myself. It's the green one at the bottom of this page.
Vic. Brad Merrick. Head office Melbourne: (03) 9743 4351 or 0417396026
WA. Mike Bell, Bunbury:(08)9728 3123. Email:
**Mike also keeps a large stock of parts. No wait time for orders**
My interest with XU-1 Torana's began with a ride to basketball training when I was about 15-16 yrs of age. I got into this little thunderous sounding car, and after a few hard sideways take-offs, I was hooked. I soon found out it was an LC XU1 Torana.
By the time I was 18, I had a March 17th Green, LJ XU-1 Torana.
I began making my own XU-1 Torana parts out of need, as I just couldn't find them. I'd borrow an original XU-1 part, make a master copy and go from there.
By 1995 I had a range of approx 10 XU-1 Torana parts and sold them in the trading post and to friends. Now I have a list of approx 80 XU-1 Torana parts,  and stock some items made by other companies.
These include:
I also tune, service and do full restorations on XU-1's and perform pre-purchase authenticity checks. See restorations page.
Hope my website is helpful.
Thanks, Brad Merrick.

  car4.JPG   oldpics141.jpg   car1.JPG  

Glad to hear that the V8 conversion of this 72 Bathurst didn't go ahead!


March 17th, LJ XU-1, 1972
Bathurst special
    Harry Firth, V8, Dolly Yellow            LC XU-1 Replica.
Zodiac Blue, LJ XU-1, 1972
Bathurst special
There are many rebodied and fake XU-1 Torana's so before you outlay your hard earned big $$ have your prospective purchase checked out first.
Il'l be adding to this site with more pictures, XU-1 parts and information.
Thanks Brad Merrick - XU1 Torana Parts - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide
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